Hardwood Staircases Toronto



The following chart will help you determine the most suitable flooring type for the different areas you plan to renovate. If you still aren’t sure, our experts can help you more.


Hardwood Staircases In Toronto Raise The Value Of Your Home

As well as all the types of flooring that we do, Floorama Flooring also does Hardwood Staircases in Toronto. Whether you want us to do it from scratch or totally refinish the staircase, we transform old stairs into a beautiful and elegant piece of art.

Styles & Method

There are many different styles, types and ways we can transform your stairs. You can check our photo gallery and tell us what you like.

  • Piano style steps is when the raiser is white and the stair tread is stained. This is modern and many Staircases in Toronto are being transformed to have this look.
  • All Stained is when both the raiser and the stair tread are stained. This is the most common as it shows off lots of wood.
  • Handrails are typically stained to the same colour as your stair tread. If your hand rail is old, we can refinish it and make it look new again. If you have a metal, plastic or no handrail, we can custom make a wood handrail that fits the profile of your hardwood stairs.
  • Railings & Spindles can either be wood (white or stained) or wrought iron railings. Installed on a staircase, these railings will add elegance and class to the overall look.

Hardwood Staircases Toronto

There are hardwood stairs which contain newel posts and matching hardwood balusters. There are those that have metal balusters and handrails.  Their structure is made of the nosing extension, rise, run and the steps’ width. There are those that contain open raisers so as to achieve a floating look while there are those that are fully solid. Those that are refinished are installed with over-planks.

According to staircases Toronto sellers, these hardwood staircases have a width of three feet while the contemporary ones have a width of four feet. There are those separated by landings if they have plenty of steps and if it is a necessity to alter direction. It is a must to know the building codes regarding staircases if you are constructing a new house for safety reasons.

If your existing staircase is made from soft wood lumber or covered with carpet, we can use the efficient wood capping method to transform it from a cheap looking builder grade staircase to a custom made masterpiece. If your existing hardwood staircase is worn or out of date, our staircase refinishing methods will give it a well deserved face lift.

After every 3 to 5 years, varnish should be re-applied to your hardwood stairs. Make sure to eliminate water, debris and dust and then place a small amount of polyurethane that is oil-based for protection. This will keep your stairs long lasting.

To hardwood or refinish your staircase in Toronto, look to none other than Floorama. Our proven track record of very satisfied customers surely means something. Leave the hard stuff for the pros.

The best part is, you don’t have to shop around. We bring samples of all our products to your home for a free estimate.