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Performing Hardwood Refinishing In Toronto

Existing hardwood flooring can always be refinished to look like new again. This option is good if your existing hardwood floors aren’t too old, haven’t been refinished many times before or aren’t damaged. There is a limit, of course, to how many times you can refinish a floor, but given the proper conditions, refinishing hardwood flooring in Toronto could be the option for you.


To refinish hardwood floors, there is a three part process that Floorama Flooring applies:

  • Sanding: The top layer of varnish, stain and imperfections have to come off in order to start the process. This is done using a special hardwood flooring sanding machine that takes off a nice layer in order to expose the raw untouched wood.
  • Staining: After the natural colour of the hardwood floor is visible, we then apply a coat of stain that the customer had previously chosen. Enough coats of stain are applied until the desired colour, feel and shade is achieved.
  • Varnish: After the stain dries, we then apply two coats of varnish (poly-urethane). Three coats of varnish, especially in high traffic areas, can also be applied if desired. There is a drying time between each coat. Varnish typically comes in three different finishes: Satin, Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss. This is up to the customer to decide.

Hardwood Refinishing Toronto

The end result of hardwood refinishing in Toronto is surprising. You’ll have new floors again. It is worth noting though that refinishing will not get rid of squeaks or fix all damaged hardwood. Refinishing makes the appearance look new again, but if there were issues with the existing hardwood to begin with, you might want to consider changing your hardwood floors all together. Again, given certain conditions, refinishing hardwood flooring in Toronto could be the most affordable and suitable option for you.

To protect refinished hardwood floors, you should place a good floor mat at the entrance. It will help keep away dust and dirt from outside. Remember never to leave your floor wet with water as this will definitely bring damage to it. Spills must be immediately wiped away because water could leak below the floorboards and would result to the sub floor and the hardwood floor warping.  As long as spills are cleaned up immediately, no harm would be done on the floor.

Damage due to water is hard to repair!

Refinished hardwood floors must be mopped and swept daily or when there is a constant need for it. You can utilize a rag or a soft pad for this. You may also use a dust mop made of high-quality cotton. Mopping the floor can also be done by using a soft cloth and plain hot water with a little vinegar. If there are dusty particles or crumbs left from mopping, these can be swept with a broom.

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