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The following chart will help you determine the most suitable flooring type for the different areas you plan to renovate. If you still aren’t sure, our experts can help you more.


Finding the Best Carpet In Toronto Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

Having carpet on your floors can add warmth, luxury and style to many areas of your home. It’s the type of flooring that makes you want to stay barefoot as you walk on it. It’s soft and lush feel has made it a favourite for decades. Carpet in Toronto is a relatively inexpensive type of flooring and offers a wide array of choices. Whether you want it soft and silky, thick and plushy or rough and durable, you’ll find a carpet style that will suit your need.


Carpets come in a variety of styles, colours and material. Some styles and material work better in specific areas then others. The two most common types of carpet are Cut-Pile (Plush) and Looped pile (Berber). Each of these types also come in a variety of styles as well. With plush you’ll get a softer feel and modern look whereas with berber you’ll have a more durable, casual looking carpet. Some carpets are a combination of both styles.

Carpet Toronto

  • Cut-Pileor plush carpet is the most popular carpet and has been around the longest. This style is made of individual strands of fabric that were initially looped, than cut to create a straight standing fiber. It is soft, modern and comes in many different colours and thicknesses.
  • Shaggy carpet is technically a cut pile carpet that has been tightly twisted and crushed to create a frizzy look. It is very durable as it is very hard to damage or mark making it a perfect style for high traffic areas.
  • Looped or berber carpet has become very popular with home owners and is becoming the carpet of choice when it comes to a more casual setting like a basement or bedroom. It’s looped pile gives the carpet a cozy look and its construction make it difficult to crush thus being more durable in high traffic areas.
  • Patterned carpet is usually a combination of cut-pile and looped carpet. They are mixed in such a way as to create a nice design for a more elegant and classy look. This type of carpet is appealing in living rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, hotels and anywhere you’d like to create a ‘wow’ effect.
  • Commercial carpet can be cut-pile or looped carpet and is usually not too thick and tightly constructed together. It is usually installed in high traffic areas such as retail stores, offices and hotels. It can come in many colours and styles and some even have stunning designs.

Carpet Fabric and Under-Pad

Carpet in Toronto is mostly constructed from three different materials:

  • Nylon: Being the more expensive material is more durable and resists stain and wear and tear more than its counterparts.
  • Polyester: Is an affordable and strong fabric. Most carpet is manufactured in polyester and it handles high traffic areas well.
  • Polypropylene (olefin): Is from the same family of polyester but is easier to manufacture and can be a cheaper option.

Under-pad is a cushioning pad that is placed beneath the carpet during installation. This too is constructed in different ways to meet specific needs. In a commercial setting, rubber underpadding is preferred as it is made to last longer and handle extreme cases of wear and tear. In homes, chip foam padding is normally used. These types of pads also come in different thicknesses and some may have a moisture barrier film to repel water. A good under-pad can give your carpet a nice, soft and lasting feel.

What we carry

At Floorama Flooring, we have accounts with Shaw, Beaulieu and Mohawk, the largest carpet manufacturers in North America. So we basically buy carpet from the same place all major department and hardware stores buy theirs from. The difference is, we sell and install them at a lower cost. We also sell carpet supplied by local dealers whose products are very competitive. We carry: Commercial, Residential, Plush, Cut-Pile, Berber, Soft-back, Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, Design, Sisal, Looped, Patterned … basically any type of carpet in Toronto you could imagine.

The best part is, you don’t have to shop around. We bring samples of all our products to your home for a free estimate.